How the Program Works

Percent of Sale: Variable up to 18% commission.

▶️ Calculated based on the total value of referred orders per 30-days.

▶️ Paid monthly with PayPal Payouts to easily pay affiliates

▶️ 12-18% commission

▶️ Coupon codes. Affiliate links. Email addresses. 

▶️ No risk or committment.

It's easy! Approved affiliates will be provided with an affiliate link and coupon code to the LFT Affiliate Page. Once a friend or family member uses your code or clicks on your link you'll be rewarded for up to 30-days any purchase they make to the LFTer's Club. That's right -- 30 days!, just for helping us spread the word about our great product line. 

*See Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions for full program details.