LFT Launch Customer Experience

We are sincerely sorry for those affected with a poor customer experience in mid-January through February. We were extremely slow to fulfill orders and unresponsive to many requests via email, messenger, and phone. For this we are embarrased and know we can do much better. 

Over the past six weeks we have worked extremely hard expanding our production capabilities by increasing both equipment and staff. The vast majority of outstanding orders have been fulfilled and we have been able to reach normal lead times of 1-3 business days. Moreover, with additional staff we're able to quickly respond to customer service requests. 

That said for those affected by slow fulfillment and a poor customer experience in January and February we would like to offer you a one-time 40% off coupon good towards your next purchase from LFT. 

We understand that this can't undo what has been done but hope that for some we are given a second chance to win you back as a customer and see how great purchasing from the LFTer's Club can be. 

Please enter your order details below. We will send your 40% off unique discount code within 1-business day.